Prison Escapee Recaptured After Assaulting Officer

Ahreefa Bacchus, Journalist | May 03, 2019 12:21 pm AST | 0 Comment
Ahreefa Bacchus, Journalist
May 03, 2019 12:21 pm AST | 0 Comment
Photo Credit: BVI Platinum News

(Photo Credit: BVI Platinum News)

Tyrone George, an inmate at Her Majesty’s Prison, yesterday, May 2, assaulted a Prison Officer during his escape from the prison at Balsam Ghut.


However, less than 25 minutes after escaping, he was recaptured nearby.

This was disclosed by Deputy Superintendent of Prisons, Mr. Mario Christopher.

In an interview with BVI Platinum News, the prison official explained, “Yesterday evening, there was an attempted escape at Her Majesty’s Prison. A Prison Officer was assaulted—physically assaulted—and injured by the person attempting to escape. That would be inmate Tyrone George, who was there for burglary.”

The Deputy Superintendent further disclosed that other Prison Officers pursued George, and the Royal Virgin Islands Police Force was also contacted for assistance.

“Officers from the East End Police Station responded as well as members of the Task Force. The inmate was subsequently recaptured. Within 20 to 25 minutes, he was back in custody,” Deputy Superintendent Christopher stated, adding, “He was cornered in the area at the back of the prison...Hawke’s Nest.”


Mr. Christopher related that George was injured during his escape.

“The inmate received some lacerations to his foot from running through the brush, but he didn’t sustain any major injury,” he told this publication.

Unusual Occurrence

An investigation has been launched into the incident, which the official said is somewhat unusual.

“This is the first time there’s actually been an assault on an officer in an attempt to escape in recent years,” he stated.

Based on what the Deputy Superintendent said, George was viewed as a low-risk prisoner.


“It is also quite unusual for an inmate living in the low security area where the inmate was housed to assault an officer or even attempt to escape. We have stringent risk assessment measures that are in place and the inmate met the requirements,” Mr. Christopher went on to say.

He continued, “He’s a working inmate. He’s worked on the prison farm before, he’s also worked in the kitchen and other areas. Hence, he was in that area. That’s where we normally house most of our working inmates, so it was quite stunning and unusual to have something like that occur.”

It was indicated that a mental evaluation will be conducted on the inmate to ascertain whether any issues with his mental health may have played a role in his escape bid.

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